Valley of Nyrandra

Group 2 Session 2

The group discusses ways of changing the planned attack. They decide they should get the barkeep's ideas as he is more in tune with the goings-on in town. They decide to head into town in the morning and meet with him. Nimblenom takes first watch – even though they are in "safe" territory they intend to stay that way.

Before the second candle tick, the farmer runs into the room shouting that the tavern is on fire. The group quickly jumps up and runs out of the house. The farmer's son brings up horses for the group. They ride hard toward town. Their horses are spooked when they get near the crossroads by a band of kobolds. The party dismounts and attacks. The sounds of battle attract a couple rat swarms as well. The kobold's are quickly dispatched but the rats take a bit more effort. They're eventually defeated as well and the group collects their horses and continue the race into town.

When they arrive, the only thing left of the tavern is a great ring of debris surrounding a crater – still smoldering. They make their way through the crowd and find some paladins from the temple. They learn that there was a loud boom when the fire started but that that was the only thing anyone had seen or heard. The group then rushes over to the cottage next door which is still in tact.

They arrive to find the door bashed in and the contents tossed. The trap door was open. Myscha goes down the ladder and finds the passage way below to be caved in with no other clues as to what caused the fire or the whereabouts of the barkeep. The party then searches outside and find two pair of tracks heading off toward the forest. They follow them into the night.

- Session End -

(Short session because it was a refresher since the last session was months ago.) 



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