Valley of Nyrandra

Group 2 Session 1

Orion is sent to find a missing worker from the lumber camp. He recruits Nimblenom, Myscha, and Balasyr in the tavern to help him with his mission. The group heads to the lumber camp to collect more info. They encounter no resistance on the way to the camp.

They meet with the camp's foreman and find out that the missing worker is actually the assistant foreman, Osgood. He was last seen walking into the woods and has been missing for 3 days. The group learns that no one thought anything of it because a lot of the workers go into the woods on break to relax. The party talks to the last person to see Osgood and get the general direction he was headed.

Going into the woods, the team eventually find a trail that appears to belong to a human – maybe or maybe not Osgood's. They decide to follow the trail as they had no other decent leads. After a while the group is fired on by a couple elves. Once the elves are defeated, the party decides to make camp for the night. Luckily for the group, there are no problems during the night and they awake to continue their quest refreshed.

They travel for the rest of the day. As the sky darkens, the start to hear distant sounds. They become more cautious as the move towards the source of the sounds. As they get closer, they make out voices and see small wisks of smoke rising into the sky. By this time, it is dark. They get to the edge of a clearing and are amazed at what they see – a large wooden outpost/fortress. The sneak around to survey the area and find a small campfire near the edge of the clearing with 2 guards – a gnome and a human. They take out the human and knock out the gnome. They drag the gnome into the forest to question him.

Eventually, the gnome spins a tale about the Magistrate of Nyrandra clear-cutting the forest for some evil purpose, and that the outpost was setup by good folk to hinder and hopefully stop the Magistrate. The group learns that Osgood is indeed in the outpost – as a member. They untie the gnome and follow him into the camp. At first, the other members are upset at the party for killing their scouting party but eventually the group is able to calm them down. Osgood tells the group that the lumber camp foreman is the right-hand man of the magistrate and is not to be trusted. They also learn that the barkeep and farmer are part of the resistance and would help the party if they sought it.

The group is also told that there is a plan to attack the lumber camp and town. This is something that the party cannot allow but are willing to work with the resistance to find a more peaceful or covert way of stopping the magistrate. They are able to persuade the resistance to postpone the attack until the party can investigate further.

The following morning, the party sets off back to town with Osgood's knife – a "Proof of Death" for the Magistrate and lumber camp foreman – and a medallion to prove their loyalty to the locals. They spin the tale of doom for the magistrate and foreman and are rewarded for their work. The party then head to the tavern to make contact with the barkeep.

Inside the tavern, Myscha distracts the patrons by dancing on one of the tables while Orion discretely flashes the medallion to the barkeep. The barkeep tells Orion to meet him in the cottage next door. The barkeep's assistant takes over while the barkeep goes in the back room. Orion gathers the group and they leave the tavern. They go to the cottage next door where the barkeep has the door open for them to enter. He shows them a hatch under the bed and tells them that it leads to a basement under the tavern that is also a makeshift armory. He then tells them to head out to the farm and talk to the farmer.

The group heads out to the farm and meets with the farmer. The farmer tells them about his sons being kidnapped by goblins in the mine and that he believes the Magistrate is behind it. He also explains that a group, sent by the Magistrate, tried to rescue his sons and was semi-successful as one of his sons was killed in the battle with the goblins.

- Session End –



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