Valley of Nyrandra

Group 1 Session 1

Welcome to the Valley

Evangeline is tasked with finding the farmer's missing sons. She has the help of T'kari – somewhat unwilling help (Evangeline is basically T'kari parole officer/guard). They go to the local tavern and recruit Bla'noc and Nimblenod for the quest.

The last known location of the boys was near the mining camp, so the team head in that direction. A random encounter or two later and they arrive at the mining camp. Evidence suggests they went into the mine itself, so the adventurers enter the mine. They come across and battle goblins in a side passage. Once victorious, they move further into the mine finding roaming goblins as they go. They turn a corner and find the largest group of goblins yet.

While they are fighting the goblins, they notice a gnome guarding what looks like the boys in the back of the corridor. They push further closer to the gnome and Bla'noc takes a shot with his crossbow but trips on a corpse as he fires. The bolt misses the gnome completely and instead embeds itself into one of the boys' chests. In anger and frustration the group finish off the remaining goblins and the gnome to rescue the boys. The boy with the bolt in his chest was unfortunately dead.

The group picked up the boys and carried them back to the farm to deliver them to their father. Stricken with grief but glad his sons were returned to him he allows the group to stay the night.

- End of Session - 



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